Character Information

Cursed Identity:

Kelly West




Oz (formerly)
Enchanted Forest (formerly)




Spin Instructor
Co-owner of Roni and Kelly's Pub (formerly)


Cora Mills (Mother)
Regina Mills (Half-Sister)
Robin Hood (Daughter)


Rumplestiltskin (formerly)
The Flying Monkeys
Series Information




Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

First appearance:

New York City Serenade

Portrayed By:

Rebecca Mader

Zelena is a recurring character in ABC's "Once Upon a Time". She is portrayed by Rebecca Mader.


Season 3Edit

New York City Serenade

The Evil Queen's castle has now been taken over by an unknown villain. At the end of the episode, this evil figure walks into the bedroom and asks the Flying Monkey if he got what she needed, which was the Evil Queen's blood. As she turns around she reveals herself to be the Wicked Witch of the West and exclaims that Wicked always wins.

Witch Hunt

The citizens of Storybrooke are all at town hall arguing over the new curse. All of the residents turn on Regina and accuse her of being the one who set the curse. The camera pans over to the crowd and we see Zelena sitting amongst them with a devious smirk on her face.

At Granny's Mary Margaret and Henry sit at a table. Mary Margaret reads a book about babies while Henry plays a video game on his cell phone. Mary Margaret offers to take Henry to the Library to get his own book and he goes to get his jacket. Mary Margaret is still sitting there when Zelena speaks up from behind her about cradle cap. The discuss babies for a second before Mary Margaret asks her if that's her first time there. Zelena says she missed the first curse and Mary Margaret asks who she was but Zelena just says she wouldn't remember. She tells her that she was a midwife and Mary Margaret asks for her help with the baby and Zelena accepts.

Later, Regina and Emma sit outside the Mayor's office having a stakeout when they see that someone is inside. They enter and find the place trashed. They see a figure in the corner in a black hoodie but before they can stop her she disappears in green smoke.

Back at her home on a farm, Zelena enters her cellar with food. We then see that she is keeping a prisoner and its Mr. Gold. She tells him to eat his food because they have work to do and she leaves the room and we see that Mr. Gold has began to go mad.

Season 4Edit

Breaking Glass

Zelena is mentioned in a conversation between David and Mary Margaret.

Heart of Gold

It is revealed that Zelena survived her apparent death and traveled back in time with Emma and Hook, where she killed Robin's wife Marian and took her place, revealing that it was her in Storybrooke all along.


Season 3 (11/22)

Season 4 (8/23)

Season 5 (11/23)

Season 6 (17/22)

Season 7 (8/22)