• No copying from any other wikis unless absolutely necessary, and if so, please attribute credit.
  • No taking/copying from our wiki without attributing credit, unless an administrator approves.
  • Please name all images in description. For example, see the image File:UrsulaSitting4x12.png. Do not name the image Ursula4x12.png or Ursula.png, as another image may be decided as the main image and would need to be named that way. Also, please add the number of the episode in the image.
  • Please only use PNG screencaps for character infoboxes. Also, please be sure that the images are not from any existing wikis unless absolutely needed.
  • Please get images from,, or take them yourself using iTunes or Netflix.
  • If you are not giving permission beforehand and are not an admin, please suggest images in the talk page before uploading them to the infobox. Unless you are creating the page or it has no current image.
  • Do not add upcoming appearances for characters. Only add aired episodes.